Red Clay Blue Ray


Once and a while I write a letter. To wrap up a conclusion; this time a letter to hue, to celebrate our fusion. 

Quasar_Graham_11_12_5“I was born in an empty sea, My tears created oceans
Producing tsunami waves with emotions
Patrolling the open seas of an unknown galaxy
I was floating in front of who I am physically
Spiritually paralyzing mind body & soul.”
(Canibus – Through The Strings of Infinity)


A long long time ago, when souls and photons danced in amber light, we didnt know how to fight.
As fluid snakes dwelling in bright skies, we danced like butterflies.
We reached the stone, and experienced the thrill of being alone.

“Like two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year, we ran the same old grounds and what we found, were the same old tears.” (Pink Floyd-Wish You Were Here). 

On that emotional swing of hope and fear we lost the magic of the fairytears.
So when the monkey decided to take a nap, we found this gap.
Like a black hole in the sand, a shockwave from sirius interferred in the land.
Lilith and tetragram making fuzz, we started laughing on orobourosmatrixstuff.
123 is 4, a new opportunity for one becomes clear.
Crystal lines will appear.
New roads to explore, 32 branches on the road of life, 32 demons to survive, 32 planes of existence, we break out this 3d-prison.
Sun and moon as blinding lights, they scatter the winds so illusion appears as fight or flight.
Jumping the mud of old pains and frozen elements.
A blue ray made shadow and light distinct, showed the curtains on stage in almost blacklight. 

deep_blue_sea_by_rookiejeno (1)

The frozen time shows a neverending yacht on ones own tail, seven steps to the right, seven steps to the left, with the spirit of a troubadour you showed me so many doors.
So I could find all these scattered pieces in the corners of my locked floors.
Fractals becoming one, building the chariot of metatron.
Traveling dreams are turning in dreams that travel; through borders of time and space, in the motion of love with her omnipotent face.  


Dragons from the north are becoming awake.
Crystalclear now in this time fire will not be used on stakes.
Nor will water flood the land.
Tears of love will wash the sand and fire of stone breaks the illusion of being alone.
Lifting the veils of life, walking in a body dead by design, we fly forever in the love of the divine.







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